A-Xing ZHU


A-Xing ZHU   

Title:   Professor

Address: Department of Geography University of Wisconsin-Madison Madison, WI 53706 U.S.A. 

Tel:  608-262-0272     Email:  azhu@wisc.edu

Education Background:

  1989-1994   Ph.D. (Geography), University of Toronto

Thesis: "Soil Pattern Inference Using GIS Under Fuzzy Logic"

Supervisor: Professor Lawrence E. Band, University of Toronto

  1985-1987   M.Sc. (Geography), University of Calgary. 

Thesis: "The White Spruce Communities in the Drumheller Area"

Supervisor: Professor Arthur G. Limbird, University of Calgary

  1979-1983   B.Sc. (Geography), Beijing Normal University, Beijing, P. R. C.

Working Experiences:

  05/05 to date:  Professor, Department of Geography, University of Wisconsin, Madison

  05/01 - 04/05:  Associate Professor, Department of Geography, University of Wisconsin, Madison

  01/96 - 04/01:  Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, University of Wisconsin, Madison

  08/94 - 12/95:  Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.

Research Interests:

  GIS/RS techniques, artificial intelligence, fuzzy logic, and their application in natural resource

  management and environmental modeling.

Awards and Honors:  

  2009  Recipient of the Hamel Faculty Fellow award, University of Wisconsin-Madison

  2008  Recipient of the Vilas Associate Award, University of Wisconsin-Madison. 

  2003  Recipient of the “One Hundred Talents” Award, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

  1997  The ASPRS Intergraph Award for best scientific paper in spatial data standards.

Publications: (published 1 book and over 100 journal papers, given 7 keynote papers)

  Books:  Zhu, A.X. 2008. Detail Digital Soil Survey: Models and Methods (in Chinese), Science Press Beijing, China, ISSN978-7-03-021521-5, 227 p. 

Journal Articles:

  1. Liu, F., X. Geng, A.X. Zhu, W. Fraser, accepted. “Digital soil mapping over low relief areas using land surface feedback dynamic patterns extracted from MODIS”, Geoderma.

  2. Qin, C.Z., A.X. Zhu, W.L. Qiu, Y.J. Lu, T. Pei, B.L. Li, accepted. “Application of fuzzy slope positions in predicting spatial distribution of soil properties in small low-relief catchments”, Geoderma.

  3. Zhu, A.X., F. Qi, A. Moore, J.E. Burt, accepted. “Prediction of soil properties using fuzzy membership”, Geoderma.

  4. Pei, T., C.H. Zhou, A.X. Zhu, B.L. Li, C.Z. Qin, accepted. “Discovering clusters in spatio-temporal data using windowed nearest-neighbour method”, International Journal of Geographic Information Science.

  5. Yang, L., F. Sherif, Y. Jiao, H. Sheldon, A.X. Zhu, C.Z. Qin, Z.G. Xu, accepted.

Updating conventional soil maps using knowledge on soil-environment relationships extracted from the maps”, Acta Pedologica Sinica (Chinese).